About us

First published in 1986 in paper form, the Bradley Bell has been a consistent source of information for the GLBT square dance community. Over the years, the format has changed, but the usefulness of the material remains.

We now have an online profile system at the IAGSDC website. Create a free profile, and add your details there, and other dancers can search for your information when they are online. But what about when there is no internet connection, or you cannot access the website? That's when the Bradley Bell directory is most useful.

In addition to the individual dancer listings, we include other useful information about our activity in one easy-to-use directory.

Order today to be included in the directory, and to receive your own copy. The printed version is created by Bradley Bell. We charge a small annual fee for printed versions of this directory to cover printing and mailing costs. See the link to the application form on the right. This is an excellent addition to your fly-in kit, right along with the leather outfit, and your sequined gowns! The directory is also available as a PDF document.

Bradley Bell is not a for-profit enterprise; it is run by volunteers for the benefit of the square dance community.